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Websites you can sell domains.
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You can not only sell domains here but also build your domain portfolio. Every user gets a free domain portfolio. This website is the best place to sell your Indian domains and .mobi domains. However you can also sell other TLDs here.
Buyers can easily filter and search domains.
This is the best auction available till date. All the domains sell here from low profile to high profile. Listing is FREE and you only get charged 5% ( $5 min) when you make a sale. This is backed up by Go daddy’s great customer support system
Flipside is you get money 30 days after the buyer pays. But it’s reliable.
High profile domains get good bids. But domains usually go for lower price then private sale. Usual ebay fees apply
You can try your luck on Forums like. 
Usually you will fetch far lower price here. If your domain is good try other avenues first. Forums should be last resort as you cannot find end users here. People who buy in forums are usually in domain business and want to make a huge profit.
High profile domains fetch good price here. If your domains are not good you may never get an offer.
Sedo charges $50 min fees or 10% unless you have parked your domain there, then there wont be any min fees
Afternic.com & Afternic Bazaar
Very similar to Sedo but less popular, High profile domains fetch good price here. They charges $60 min fees or 10% unless you have parked your domain there, then there wont be any min fees
 Flipside is there is a $9.95 joining fee per year.
 Afternic Bazaar has auction system. If you want to sell domains for auctions you may as well use TDNAM. Bazaar has very unpopular auctioning system.
Domain Brokers
2.      BuyDomains.com
3.      Impressive domains
4.      WebsiteNames.com
5.      Websitebroker.com
6.      Awesome.biz
7.      DomainMart.
8.      GreatDomains.com
If your domain is high profile greatdomains.com may accept you in their directory listing. Listing is free but after approval. They are very choosy about accepting. If you wish to hold on to your domains for some years, try here.

Thank you for the great

Thank you for the great information.

What do you think of these guys? - Marketplacepro.moniker.com

They show some prices that look to me unrealistic.

Thanks again and I will recommend your site to my friends.





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