Tip 9: Secret revealed on Articles and Blogs.

For long time in internet market, I did not realize that this was an option to increase traffic. Blogs are all around on internet, thousands of blogs are created everyday on many blogging sites.

How can blog help in driving traffic. or how to use blogs to increase traffic ?

  • Writing a quality blog with links to your website will help you in link building
  • Blogs are indexed by search engine spiders just like websites. Create blog on popular blogging sites like blogger.com. chose a article or blog site with High PageRank.
  • Readers of Blog and Articles will be your website traffic.
  • You can create same blog and article on many sites, this way you will get lot of backlinks.

Search in google for Blog sites. Search in google for Article Submission. You will get links to some great free Article submission websites. Submit to website that have high pagerank, that way you can get benefit of Quality Inbound links and Traffic.

Here are some top article websites that you can submit

The above list should be enough for most . However if you still want to submit to article directories, here is are some more http://www.article-submission.inetzeal.com/article-directories

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