Tip 8: Get cheap domains

Want to make your first sale ? Are you looking for numbers ? Want to increase your sales ?

Well its simple, buy cheap domains so you can sell it for less and make quick sale.  I am not saying buying any domain name and lowering the price is going to get you results.

What i mean is you can keep an eye on good available domains in forums, websites etc. Keep abreast with events that way you will know what new names can be of value. For eg: Microsoft is introducing a ZUNE player which is meant to kill IPOD. So you can try and grab zune.com or zunetunes.com etc.   Watchout for Trademarks when you do this.

Once you have searched few good names time to register it. Choose the registrar that gives you best price. You are in domain business and every dime counts. if you buy 100 domains and save 10 cents on each domain you have already made yourself $10 by saving it.

We recommed whiz.in . Having said the above be careful of some cheap registrars that rip you off by giving free .info domains or insanely lower prices. Again do some research in forums or post a question there if you have doubts or questions.

Dont just look for business.com , what i mean is good brandable names sell too. Keep an open mind and search for brandable catchy names that upcoming or existing business can use. Generally brandable names get very low appraisal but sell for good enough price to right buyer.

Another good place to watchout is forum For-sale & auctions borads. If you are lucky you can find a great name for low $xx. Keep an eye there daily. There is a great website which shows domains for sale in all major forums, its dnwatch.biz.

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