Tip 6: Market your domains

Tips on Marketing your domains:

Let enough people know that your domain is available. This will increase your chances of selling and getting potential offers. Use some marketing strategies to boost your sales:

• Put your domain names in your signature, in emails and in domain forums so it gets noticed.

Post in domain forums, help others and seek answers from experts. This will build your reputation and give exposure to domains.

• Many forums have for-sale message boards, where you can post your names for free. Make sure you actively post there.

• Submit your domains to search engines. This is generally free and it pays well at times. Your search engine ranking will determine how much your domain is valuable.

• List your domains in directories. There are many directories that accept domains for free. Make sure you list there and day by day you will get more exposure to your domains.

• Use your domain name as your username in forums, and other websites. When other people notice the name of website there is often a tendency to visit to site.

Invest in your domain by building a one page blog or creating some banners.

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