Tip 6: Drive Mass traffic & repeat traffic

Traffic is not only about HITS, its about driving potential customers, Visitors who are actually finding value from your site, or purchasing products or services.

Social media sites & Rating Engines like Digg can draw mass traffic to your website and also make visitors come again and again. Once digg'ed your site is bookmarked in User's account.

Add your websites to the following sources and reap benefits. Provide buttons or icons on your website so that users can quickly bookmark your site on these.

  1.   Digg.com
  2.   StumbleUpon.com
  3.   Del.icio.us
  4.   technorati.com
  5.   Netscape.com
  6.   Reddit.com
  7.   ma.gnolia.com
  8.   BlinkList.com
  9.   Furl.net
  10.   Squidoo.com

There are many such sources. But above is our top 10 list.

Here is one source that list the list of top 25 social bookmarking sites.  When I first heard about the social bookmarking I just added to the 2-3 websites. But Believe me a few minutes of effort will payoff in a huge way.  Don't be lazy to add it to as may good bookmarking & voting sites as you can.

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