Tip 14: Rare 5 GEMS that will fetch you great traffic.

The following are my 5 GEMS that I use to drive huge traffic to my websites. Remember these are secrets and tips that you will not find anywhere.

  1. Consider giving away a great digital product like ebook, video etc to your customers. The product you choose should be of great value. This way visitors will keep coming back and will refer to others. Many people offer free scripts, Free ebooks with resell and distribution rights. Take Advantage of it.
  2. Create a video of your website features. Its really simple . You will find many videos on youtube.com which are just commercials of a website. Take a screen capture and talk. Take ideas from other videos. Publish it on Yougube and other video sites.
  3. Have you sold on ebay ? . Next question , Have you sold on ebay with links to your website ?. Don't mean to embarass you , I have done the same thing. The next time you sell on ebay or add something to ebay classifieds or your ebay store, dont forget to put link to your website.
  4. Post comments on amazon.com , or write a great review on amazon.com with links to your website. This will drive traffic when people read your review . Above all your link will be on amazon.com. what more can you ask ?
  5. Partner with a related website. Do you know someone who has a website similar to you? Have you contacted him to exchange referrals? If not try to build relation with that website owner. Ask him to give a referral to you and you give a referral to him. This will be mutually benefit to both. How about finding 10 referrals every year. Will that bring you some Quality Inbound traffic ?
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