Tip 13: Tips and Tricks on your website's domain.

As many of you will agree, the first step in creating a successful website is its domain name. So invest in a good domain name. You will be surprised how little you can get a good domain for. Just search on websites like tdnam.com , namepros.com etc. So my tip is
  • INVEST in a good or memorable domain. The domain name should be short , easy to remember and preferably .com
Once you have invested in your domain and created website.  You many also want to register common typos of your domain names. This way if a visitor make a typo he is automatically directed to you domain
  • Register domain names that are common typos to your main domain or website.
How about some domains in your niche for sale did you consider buying that. It can prove to be of great value if they are getting traffic
  • Buy a domain name related to your niche that is already receiving traffic and forward it to your site.

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