Tip 10: The 80/20 rule

If you are new to domaining business then you probably got less than 10 domains and are trying to actively sell it.

I used to do that and learnt a lesson after sometime that my domains were just not good enough , no matter how hard I tried, they were not worth the price I was asking or they were not catching the attention of right buyers.

Dont be discouraged, as we said before this is an exiciting business and requires patience and persistence.

One way is to increase your domain inventory and give more choices to your buyers and a larger domain portfolio.

Once i increased my inventory i noticed that I learnt more about this industry and I was in a better position to judge the value of names and bought even more good names.

I want to mention here that, the suggestion is to increase your inventory of GOOD domains not just any domains. Dont waste your time on domains that are not receiving responses, move-on.

The famous 80-20 rule applies here too. 80% of your income from domain will be from 20% of your inventory. Some domains will just expire while some will get offers immidiately.

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