Online cloud backup - Top 10

Online storage is a safe and convenient way of storing your data. Essentially online storages will have sensitive and non sensitive data. Non sensitive data is your pictures, music, videos etc and sensitive data would be your personal information or something similar which you do not intend to share.

When considering online storage solutions or online cloud storage solutions one must evaluate the security and privacy related needs and then look for a provider which can meet your other functional needs .  some of common requirements people have are

  1. Unlimited storage or Large storage
  2. Secure and encrypted.
  3. Ability to Sync with various computers
  4. Automated backups.

So why do you need online cloud storage when you can backup on external drive.?  While backup through an external hard disk can be faster and more straightforward, online backup has some advantages. First, external hard drives are prone to stop working at one point – when that happens, the stored information can be entirely lost. By contrast, online backup is made on multiple hard drives, significantly reducing the risks. Second, it’s easy to lose or have your external hard disk stolen. This is unlikely to happen if you use online backup, since your files are kept in data centers guarded by security personnel. Third, you can only store a limited amount of data on an external hard drive. Through online backup on the other hand, you can store an unlimited amount of data. Finally, online backup is more affordable because you don’t have to buy any hardware.

There are hundreds of vendors for cloud storage and at first glance they all look the same. So before you select the right one you will have to do some research on your own and compare their services , uptime and value for money factor.

It would be good to have Top 10 Online cloud backup  service providers listed and compared on equal parameters so you can easily choose the right one.  Website does this comparison for you so that you can easily choose the right cloud backup provider.

They compare based on storage capacity, Pricing., Automation features, data transfer speed and so on. You can also find user reviews and ratings which will help you in making the choice faster.

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