Tip 1: Set your goal and Plan well

Start your traffic building by setting your goal. Set realistic goals that you can achieve. Measure your performance against your goals periodically.

If you dont have a goal then you will not know if you are doing good or bad. This will also help you determine if you have to change your approach and what's working v/s what's not . The key in setting goal is to follow S.M.A.R.T approach, which stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound

Eg: If your site currently has 10 unique visitors, set your Traffic Goal as

  • 100 unique visitors by 1st month
  • 150 unique visitors by 2nd month
  • 250 unique visitors by 3rd month etc

Remember that starting is always tough. Your traffic will increase exponentially. Meaning your 80% efforts will be needed to drive your first 20% traffic.

Once you have set the goal , make a clear plan of what activities will be done & when. Whether you will be hiring someone or outsourcing some efforts to free lancers.

Your plan will have Tasks ( Activities ) and Dates against each.

  • Task 1           Date 1
  • Task 2           Date 2

and so on.

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