Tip 10: Posting in Forums & Online Communities

There are many popular forums on the internet, that have thousands of visitors and posters per day. Here are some key steps to increase traffic by posing in forums and online communities.

  1. Find the big forums with huge members and activity. Join atleast 3-5 such forums.
  2. Most forums allow User Signatures with Links. Create attractive signatures with links to your website.
  3. Lesser the links in your signature, more likely the person will click it.
  4. Many forums have advertising boards where you can advertise your business for FREE. Write a catchy advertisement & post it there. Keep posting it 2-3 times a week, assuming you are not violating the forum rules
  5. Try to increase your post count, REPUTATION, Trader ratings etc. This will all help in building trust with other forum members.
  6. Make friends in Forums , you can use your friendship to do link exchange and advertising and mutually help.
  7. Answer other people's questions, especially if you can link to your website. Write a good article that will help others, then if you put your website link at the end , it will look fair.
  8. Be a good Netizen, report spams, follow forum rules .
  9. Offer some free service to the users. This will make people read your post and signatures & can get you some reputation points.


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