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Tip 5: Contact private parties or corporates

Have you acquired or Grabbed a great domain name and want to sell it for good price? If so then you will need to contact large businesses, private parties and corporates who are in similar business.

• Make a list of potential buyers, it can be companies who are in similar business or domain traders like ( greatdomains. buydomains) . If your domain name is generic and can be used for multiple businesses then you will have to spend more time on this step to get an exhaustive list.

• Avoid the trademarked names or names that have elements of TM. You may be forced to give up the name. This depends on several factors.

• Make a letter highlight the benefits of your domain name, traffic details, how it will benefit the buyer or provide ROI. There are sample letters that you can find on just do a search.

•Send out emails with appropriate subject to catch attention. It’s always good to do a follow up phone-call if you can get hold of someone in the organization.

• After you get offers, reply to each one sincerely. If the offer is low don’t get offended. It’s normal for buyers to quote a low price. It’s a positive sign as the buyer cares enough to make an offer and shows that he is interested. You will have to take this forward and work with him to get a mutual agreement on price.

• If the deal is finalized make sure you use an escrow service to transfer domain ownership and get your payment. This requires patience, hard work, smart selling strategies, negotiation skills. Persistence will get you there.

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