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Tip 18: Dont Screw up after you have recieved first offer.


So you have recieved an offer and the buyer is asking the domain for a reasonable price OR , the buyer is requesting you to quote a selling price. If the price offered by buyer is acceptable but you want to find out if you can ask more for that domain. How do you handle this ?

Before you make an offer to the buyer, make sure you have done the following:

  1. If you own a good domain, try to spend some money on professional appraisal now. Then respond to buyer with the appraisal certificate.
  2. Temporarily Unlist the domains from all the website you are selling, till you have completed the negotiation.
  3. If you have already put a price tag on your domain, respond with exactly that price as the buyer can do a google search and still find out how much you had listed the domain. For eg:
  • If you had listed your domain for $1000 , dont make an offer of $5000 to the buyer. This may mean loss of integrity and it may reflect bad.


If you have made an inappropriate offer, the buyer may not respond or may respond saying that he is not interested. Do NOT lose hope, after a week or two, you can again contact the buyer with a polite note saying....

Dear Company,

Thank you for your interest in I am willing to consider some counter offers on this domain to reach some mutual agreement. The asking price I had mentioned @ $YYYYY was meant to be a starting point for our further negotiations. If you are still interested in this domain I am willing to work with you. Thank you for your time.

With Best regards:

If you still dont get any response, Move on. Dont lose the lesson and make the success happen next time.



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