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Tip 4: Create a domain portfolio

Do you want to give buyers a quick glance to all your domains?

Domain portfolios are a great way to get coverage for all your domains. You can use the portfolio link and send it to potential buyers.

If you list your domains for sale on sedo or then you get a link to your portfolio, you can use this link to send it to your prospective buyers. What’s good about sedo portfolio is that if you have parked you domain on sedo the portfolio also gives a quick glimpse of your domain traffic.

How to create a portfolio on

  1. Register for FREE account on
  2. Click Sell domains to add domains individually or use paid bulk upload service.
  3. Login & Goto My account . Your user number will appear in address bar eg: , where 21 is your number.
  4. The link to your domain portfolio is . Go to this page and see how you can filter domains by category, Price or TLD. Send the link in address bar to your customers and reap benefits.
  • Whenever you get an enquiry for a domain, you can slip in your portfolio link in your replies so that buyers can glance through and check if anything catches their attention.
  • Use the portfolio link in your signature in forums and emails.

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