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Tip 15: Provide exceptional after sales service.

You may be wondering what does this have to do with Domain Name. You sold a domain and transfered the ownership, what does after sales service have to do with this ?

Well any successful business needs loyal customers who come back in future for more products. Every customer who buys your domain , is a future prospect for more domains.  The idea is to have list of customers whom you can contact if you want to sell similar names, and if you provide a good after sales service you increase you chances of selling more domains.

So what after sales service can you provide.

  • Find out more about the customer, ask him about his business & why did he buy domains. If he wants to develop the site then provide him with useful information as to how he can get cheap designers, free graphics etc. If you have ideas on websites share with him. Or you can add to his ideas by doing some research on Google search.
  • If the customer is domainer like you, then give him info about where he can buy cheap domains, how he can sell his domain, if you have done any research with your sold domain then you may pass it on. Like if you have made a list of potential sellers, target market, appraisal etc.

The above is just a glimpse of what you can do as a part of after sale service. The idea is to think long term with everyone you deal with. Domaining is a small world and you are likely to sell more domains if you have great relations with others.

But keep this as a surprize!. Buyer should be excited about this whole process.

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