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Tip 2: Get your domain appraised (Free or Paid)

Are you trying to sell domains but not receiving any responses?.

Get advice by appraising. Domain appraisal does not necessarily have to be a paid service. You can get expert advice free on forums like Namepros, DN Forum etc.

• To start with post for appraisal in forums to get the feel of what others think of the name.

• DO NOT rely on these appraisals. Most of these don’t have any base. But if your domain is good then you will get lot of responses in forums.

• If you are still not able to put a price tag, get paid appraisals. Generally Godaddy, Sedo etc have fair appraisals.

• Beware of Appraisal Scammers. Read more in forums on which appraisal service NOT to choose.

• Check on Sedo, Afternic, DNJournal, Namepros, Greatdomains, BuyDomains, TDNAM, to see what similar domains are selling for.

Once you are convinced about the price tag, you are all set to go to the next step, which is Listing your domains for sale.

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