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Tip 14: Let them do your job.

Well if you are overwhelmed with the above tips, and the domain selling process, Hire a broker, what better, for FREE!.

Domain name brokers may help you find a buyer for your domain name. It depends upon your domain name , appraisal and its current desirability. Below are the list of the Domain broker sites. with few words of wisdom from us. ;)

One of the big fish in domain brokering. They attract buyers as they have a great portfolio of good names. You can submit your domains to them, they will review and may choose to make you an offer.

ImpressiveDomains is a new domain broker. You can list your domains there for free, they only charge 10% for completed sales.

They sell your domain names for a 20% commission. The site only allows ".com" names, and of carefully selecting which names it will accept for listing. This improves the quality of names on their site. Interface for buyer is very mediocre.

WebSiteBroker lists complete sites for sale, although it also accepts domain-only listings. Listings can be displayed by price, daily traffic and many other criteria. The site also offers a guide to valuing websites and a resources section with links to many useful resources relating to domain names. 
If you're looking for some great .CA and .INFO and .BIZ domain names for sale, is the place to go. The site is categorised into 2 letter, 3 letter, topical domain names and more.


DomainMart is a one-stop shop for domain name secondary market services, including appraisal and valuation, lease management, escrow, and regular domain name services.They conduct Individual Monthly Synchronized Auctions,Ebay Listings,etc. They've been around since 1996, serve customers in several languages and a recommended company.

 You can list you domains for free here,though they have a criteria for the domains the list.There is the standard 10% commission on every sale.They accept on non hyphenated,generic,single word .coms,.nets,.tvs and .orgs.

Afternic Bazaar

There are no sales fees and you can open a Bazaar auction for as little as 24 cents. Auctions are opened with pre-purchased credits called Bazaar Bucks. Listing fee is one Bazaar Buck (BB) per $100 of starting price.Escrow services are not included in standard Bazaar auctions but are available when desired.It is a popular place for listing your domains.

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