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Tip 11: Strong Listing description.

When listing your domains on auctions or on websites, a strong listing and carefully written description may not only get you responses, but may also get your more money.

Do some research to find out what your domain can be used for ? What is target business ? Why will it be a good buy ? ,  Does it have strong chance of being searched by Search Bots, as it may have keywords in the name?. How will the buyer benefit. Is it a TYPO for a high traffic domain that can generate PPC revenue? Does it mean something in a foreign language that can be of great value.

See some sample listings on ebay to see how to create a attractive listing. Your words should be a "call to action", give some attractive offers to buyers if possible, like give a free domain or 1 year renewal etc.

And the trick to writing a strong listing is to combine search engine friendly keywords with concrete details about the product in a way that will invite people to bid. Listing is advertising, and spending more time to craft the listing words is an investment that can fetch you great returns.

A picture can be worth thousand words. If you know a graphic tools, create banners, logos and put them in your listing. You can even get banners done in bulk for as low as $5 - $15, search in forums for banner makers. What's better, you can get banners done online for FREE! ... Check this link

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