Domain name parking comparison and reviews

Helping you to select your best domain name parking provider
Parking company Fee Optimi-zation? Min Payout Payment Types Mini Domains Interface  Customer service Customized parking pages Supports keyword setting  CPC / CPM Review


Free YES $20 Paypal, Direct Deposit 1 Good  Good, multiple languages Cannot add HTML or custom banner.Uses a "one-click" model Yes,but approval needed CPC If your domain is parked with Sedo, you pay only a flat 10% of the sales price-- no more $50 minimum commission
Free YES $20 Paypal, Wire, Webmoney 1 Good  Good Can change images, but cannot add HTML or custom banner. Supports both "one-click" & Portal model.

New TEMPLATES are excellent and probaby the best in industry today. check
YES CPC ** Park and sell. You may get offer from them
** One of the few who support IDN and international names
Free YES $25 Paypal, Wire, Check 1 Excellent Good Not sure No PPC Cons:you parked page keeps changing depending on the auto-optimization. So you may end up with dull pages.

Pros:Great control panel & statistics. Very easy to pull reports. Overall
GoDaddy $3.99 NO $15 Direct Deposit, Check 1 Good  Good Not sure   CPC Doesn’t make sense to pay. Usually low CTRs. Not recommended.
Free YES $20 Paypal, Wire, Direct Deposit, Check 10 Good  Good It has very good parked pages  Yes, Instant updates CPC , CPM Bi-monthly payment and anti-click fraud mechanisms
Trafficz Free YES $25 Paypal, Check 100 Good  Decent Can add HTML content and change your images Yes, Instant updates CPC, CPM Bigger portfolio needed. Interface is okay not that great. 
Bodis Free Yes   Paypal 1 Good  Good * One click landers
* Can only customize your landing page title, description, and images
Yes, Excellent CPC ** Cleaner templates, give higher CTR.
** Good earnings since google is the ad provider
$10 or $25 Yes NA NA 1 Excellent Excellent Select enhanced or Managed plan to customize and make a mini site of your domain name. Yes CPC, CPM ** Now owned by You can choose whypark's Yahoo ads or display ads from your own ad network like adsense.
** Domain apps available which may give you additional income.
** Paid service is worth the price
Free NA NA, use your own ad feed NA, use your own ad feed 1 Excellent Excellent, Forum support is fast ** Free -and great looking web 2.0 templates .
** Easily add news, videos, affiliate links, social bookmarks, visitor comments and many other features to your Noomle sites.
** Article translation available.
** Many plugins in their new blog templates
* Not parking, they help you build mini sites
* You need your own advertising such as Google’s AdSense or other ad providers.  
* Write your own articles or use free content from any article directory.
Smart Name Free Yes $10 Paypal, Check, Wire  1 Excellent Good * Excellent customization available of Web 2.0 Templates.
* Can produce pages close to real websites
Yes, Upto 15 CPC, CPM ** Three option for parking 1) Traditional Parked Page ( PPC Ads ) 2) Ecommerce Site  3)
Content Site -Dynamic, content templates (PPC & CPM), good SEO.
** Ad feed via yahoo and for shopping templates.
** Excellent reporting of statistics

Other Domain name parking options:

  1. AFD – Adsense for domain (AFD) started in Dec 2008.  You can display google ads on your domains if you have a valid adsense account. Their templates have much less features compared to others. You cannot add any custom content on the parked pages. Google inserts a “No Index / No Follow” meta tag on your pages.  Earnings are much less and you cannot mark your domains for sale.
  2. DDC – It has competitive earnings per click and some excellent landing pages. It has Yahoo advertising feed. Approval may be difficult.
  3. - High payouts and affiliation to Yahoo. You can edit each aspect of your parking page, from keywords, related links, imagery, directory headings, sub category fields, navigation tabs, banners and much more. Also provides in depth statistics. Slow customer service and slow payouts. Be careful.
  4. Domain Sponsor – Performs well for some categories like finance related domain names. Their advertising feed is via Google. Approval is required and can be difficult.
  5. Fabulous – Mainly for high end domaineers, who have 750+ domains and you must  generate US $750+ per month. Otherwise its really fabulous company with high earnings per click and excellent selection of templates and highly optimized 1 click landing pages. You cannot add custom content to your pages, neither can you select the title and meta tags. Customer service is excellent.
  6. Incomate – Good for gambling domain names. You can customize your designs, Landers or layouts. Usually you can make good money from incomate with your gambling domains.
  7. Sedo ProYou need an endorsement code from an existing SedoPro member to get accepted , or you must have at least 200 domains or $200+ per month in PPC revenue. You may receive up to 30% bonus , advertising feed is via Google.
  8. Skenzo - Skenzo is only open to large domain portfolio holders. I have never got a response from their customer service. So cannot write much about this.
  9. Revenue Driver– Started in June 2009 and based in Rome. Excellent templates, they share 80% revenue, Ad feed is via Yahoo. They are currently accepting traffic from some European countries and will soon start USA traffic.

 Domain parking company acquisitions 

  • Active Audience- Now SmartName.
  • Gold Key – Transferred to SmartName.
  • Parking Panel - Bought by Sedo.
  • Revenue Direct – Now Sedo.
  • Domain Hop- Now Domain Sponsor.
  • Parking Dots– No longer in business

Following services are not upto mark yet and hence not recommended


What about Parking Panel.

What about Parking Panel. Any reviews for that ?

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