100 point Domain Appraisal System

Appraisal tips : Find the value of a domain yourself before asking others.

Have you always wondered which extension is better? Which suffix/prefix would be good?. Should I buy this great domain even if its not .com?. Lets see some of the tips below to help you make right decisions.

1. Extension:
.com – Nothing beats this. Globally recognized. Typically, .com domains are worth more than any other TLD.
.net This is second choice when .com version of a domain isn't available. If there is a .com with same name, then people may just go to .com site. Value is more if .com is parked page.

.org Used for a nonprofit organization. This extension is picking up as lot of sites are now donateware. This is a very good 2nd choice these days. People recognize .org domains for community sites. Unlike .net , .org is first choice for many opensource sites.

.biz is the business extension. Due to unavailability of other tlds many business are not taking .biz domains. Value is much less and not easily marketable.

.us .United States. This has higher value for U.S. market. As internet industry is dominated by US, this is a good extension. Your domain has to make sense with .us .info Popular as it’s very cheap to register ( $1-$3 for 1st year). Some .info domains have made good sales. Generally dictionary words have some value. The name should make sense with .info extension, else it can be $0 value.

IDN – Most countries have their own extensions, most countries allow extensions to be registered only by resident of that country. IDN value cannot be predicted easily

2. Keyword Search frequency: Overture search frequency tool will show how many times a term was searched in a given month. Higher the searches, higher the value of set of keywords is as a domain name, A caveat though is length of Keywords. At times domain may not have search results but if it is easily brandable then it will increase the value. Eg: TrafficZ is a brandable name even though people search for Traffic.

3. Pronunciation & Length of DN. Short & easy to remember names will score over long names. Even if long domains have higher keyword searches, short domains score on ease of navigation. Domain should be easy to pronounce & spell.

4. Clean words: Hyphen and other characters in domain name will reduce the value a lot.

5. DN & TLD match: If you take a commercial domain with .org extension, then it wouldn’t make much sense to users. Example buylaptops.org. So value your domain based on how relevant is my DN with the extension.

6. Experience: There is no set formula, if you know that similar domains have sold for more in past then evaluation is easy. But just because business.com sold for $7.5 million doesn’t mean biz.com will sell for same price. All it means is that domain has potential.

7. Page Rank: Does this domain have PR. This will increase the value. Check the number of search results and websites on the keyword sets you have chosen, in different search engines like Google, MSN, ask.com etc.

8. 3-Letter Domains If the letters mean anything or are an acronym and the quality of the extension. Eg: TLD.us has much higher value then QLL.com. If there are number or hyphens in 3 character, then equation changes again. Bottomline if domain doesn’t make real sense then value is less.

9. Traffic / Profit - Traffic will increase the value by huge numbers. For eg. Domain like ebat.com ( typo of ebay.com ) will have thousands of visitors a day and can earn huge PPC revenue. If domain makes profit then its value can be upto 8-10 years profit upfront.

10. TradeMark – If domain violates TM regulations then it may be worth absolutely nothing.

Objective Appraisal system: Design your own 100 point system. Rate your domain on scale of -10 to +10 for each of the above criteria yourself. Your final score will show you the appraised value of your domain.

Once you master the above system you can do self appraisals of your domains.

Domain Appraisals

Excellent list of factors. Here's a few other more here that I like:

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